BA Finance Plus


BA Finance Plus emulates the TI BA II Plus with iPhone and iPad versions included. It features the same layout, functions, algorithms and keystrokes as the original calculator. If you are a student, finance or real estate professional already familiar with the BA II Plus you will feel at home with this calculator.

All time value of money variables are continuously displayed on the tvm keys to give you confidence in your problem setups.

The contents of the calculator and worksheets are preserved between computing sessions. If you are interrupted by a phone call or leave to work in another application, the next time you start BA Finance Plus it will be restored to the state you left off.


A set of worksheets simplify solving a variety of financial, real estate and business calculations. Predefined worksheets are included for:



•Cash Flow with IRR, NPV


•Depreciation SL, SOYD, DB, DBX

•Interest Conversion

•Loan Amortization

•Profit Margin

•Statistics with Linear, Log, Exp and Power fit

•Memory view and edit 10 memory registers

User Manual

The user manual is built in to the calculator. The included manual fills in the details never included in the original TI BAII Plus manual. The Sample Problems include step by step examples of how to set up the calculator and solve time value of money problems involving lump sums and regular annuities.