12Calc is a full version of the well known HP12C Business and Financial RPN calculator with all the features of the original and more. Using the power of the iPhone's modern processor and large memory it also includes:

Rotated view

Rotate the iPhone to the vertical orientation to get a larger button layout of the most commonly used functions.

Audit Tape

The audit tape keeps a record of your calculations. You can review, annotate, cut/copy/paste and mail the results of computations with the tape tool.

Unit Converter

Convert between a wide variety of common units and currencies. Currency rates can be downloaded from the internet.

Built-in user guide

A full user guide is included and is always a single touch away for handy reference.


A set of worksheets simplify solving a variety of financial, real estate and business calculations. Predefined worksheets are included for:

•Auto Purchase estimate costs associated with purchasing a car.

•Black-Scholes European option pricing

•Bonds including duration and Modified duration

•Breakeven review relationship between fixed and variable costs, unit price, profit and quantity.

•Cash Flow with IRR, NPV, NFV, NUS, MIRR

•Currency convert between multiple currencies using exchange rates from the IMF.

•Date compute days between two dates, day of the week and date some number of days in the future or past.

•Depreciation SL, SOYD, DB, DBX with full tabular results

•Interest Conversion convert interest rates between nominal rate (APR) and annual effective rate.

•Lease with advance payments

•Loan Amortization compute and view a loan amortization including balloon payments and user selectable compounding periods per year. Compute Canadian loans by specifying semi-annual compounding.

•Margin&Markup compute cost, selling price, profit margin and markup.

•Ratios compute business ratios to analyze a variety of aspects of a company. Computed ratios include: Activity Ratios, Leverage, Liquidity, Management, Dupont, Profitability, Shareholder and Altman Analysis. Ratios are automatically computed from the income and balance statements. Income and balance statements can be downloaded for NYSE and NASDAQ listed companies or entered manually.

•Refinance compute the new monthly payment and costs associated with refinancing an existing loan.

•Statistics enter and edit a data set in spreadsheet format. Fit the data with Linear, Log, Exp and Power fit with graphing and forecasting using the selected model.

•Tip compute a tip for service.

•TVM general purpose time value of money solver